As it says in their ballad, there were smiles that followed them throughout the land
Inhabiting the enchanted land of Belvuria is a colorful cast of unforgettable characters. Let’s take the Royal family for instance. King Humphrey rules the land with an iron fist, that is until his lovely but ditzy wife takes government matters into her own hands. There’s never a dull moment when Queen Selina enters the picture.
Then there are the two adorable royal children, Princess Kathryn and little Prince Aaron. These two pampered yet naughty children weasel their way into your heart as they stumble through one madcap adventure after another. After all, children are children, and these two are real enough to take home, although I wouldn’t recommend it.
High in his lofty tower, Chester, the cantankerous old wizard, files away his magic potions and spells in his never ending collection of books, and books, and books. Why any wizard would use apple cores in a spell is one of life’s great mysteries. Chester’s sister Hester often drops in to visit and like all family get togethers, things have a tendency to go awry.
You just never know who you’re going to meet high up in the clouds over Belvuria. Braces of bats, exotic birds and dragons grace the air, all the while dodging eccentric witches on brooms and vacuum cleaners. It’s always a treat when the graceful firebird flames through the evening skies just before twilight.
Turn up the temperature with a family of fire breathing dragons, some colorful gypsies and a very spunky old gal who goes by the name of Mother Goose. Then watch as harmony is thrown out the window with no rhyme nor reason.
Topping off the tales of Belvuria are our very own storytellers, Sterling the Royal Court Jester and his lifelong sidekick Ping Pong the Panda. Traveling around Belvuria in a little rolling cart leads them both deeper into each story.
Sterling’s tales weave us into an enchanting land with some incredible adventures. It’s his magic storytelling of old that strikes the glow in all our hearts.
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