Teachers Say:
---"It's not a little "puppet show" put on film, but rather a real movie using marionettes instead of human actors. The costumes and sets from Witch Key were beautiful and really inspired my students in their writing as well as their art projects"

---"My students loved the movie and were fascinated by the
Making of Witch Key segment -- it prompted lively discussions and many ideas for the classroom"

---"My students greatly enjoyed the sets, characters,and artistry. A beautiful production!"

---"I could see teachers using this as as way to teach story writing and have kids make puppets"

Kids Say:
---"This story makes me want to make puppets and work
in theatre"

---"The characters are so creative! I loved them!"

---"What beautiful sets you have."

---"Good story, I wanted the witch to eat the Prince though!"

---"The spiders were creepy!"

---"We're going to make our own puppets,thank you for the great ideas!"

---" Loved the movie, and I think my younger brother and
sister would really like it also"

---"Wonderful, We really enjoyed "

---"I would totally recommend this to other people"

---"I love Charlemagne -- make more"

---"I liked it a lot. The witch getting eaten, 1-2-3 hssss
and the burping were all my favorites"

---"I liked it when the handkerchief folded out as the
tablecloth -- cool effect"

---"I really liked the movie -- it was funny. I like Sidney!!"

---"Awesome, Thank you"

---"Loved the fog, the snake and the ssssssss, thanksssssssssss"

---"Witch Key is looking so AWESOME!"
Parents & Grandparents say:
---"Just watched your film, and my granddaughters are already planning on their halloween costumes of the witch and the dragon. Great job guys, thanks"

---"OK, its about the snake, it's kind of terribly creepy
and real at the same time -- who did the voice? My friends and I can't stop talking in hisses"

---"Was it hard working with the mirrors? It was cool, but was it hard to film? Liked it all."

---"Thank you for sending us the film, loved the beautiful sets, and new puppets, My grandkids were a tad scared of the spiders and snake, and the ending, but they are only two and three, the film wasn't as scary as some Disney films, so it was fine. Oh my youngest daughter is in love with the hunky Jester, will he be in other films? Loved the Celtic designs on his costume."

---"My daughter loved the film, just right for her age, but now she's showing it to all her friends -- I think I have the story line memorized by now. Thanks again."

---"Beautiful old fashioned story, and beautiful puppets. Thanks, it took me back to when I was a kid. Good luck with the movies, thank you for allowing us to view it."

---"You folks are nuts, I've never seen a puppet film with details like that before. Loved the sets, and I want one of those cages"

---"My grandchildren loved it"

- - -"Story line great! Special effects awesome!
Beautiful puppets!"

---"Oh my god! The movie is AMAZING! I'm happy to see the puppets again!"
---"It is with great honor that I recommend The Olde World Puppet Theatre and the work of their new DVD series. The stories they create come to life with really amazing puppetry and a solid moral structure. The mastercrafted Renaissance marionettes they have created truly capture what marionettes should be: classy, glamorous and completely unique in style. In the age of digital overload, it is a breath of fresh air to rekindle the magic of classic storytelling with real tangible sets and characters.

In a time when fantasy is making a comeback to the Hollywood scene, their new series is very promising. I have witnessed the faces of children as they watch in awe and are eager to interact with the characters on screen. The content not only appeals to children, but to adults as well. I am proud be a part of the magic and wish much success to this project and many more to come from
The Olde World Puppet Theatre Studios."
Jason Ropp, former President, Columbia Association of Puppeteers and Owner of Dragon Theater Puppets
---"I am incorporating Witch Key into my Middle School Language Arts and Drama program. Between the intricate and period costumes, the story line and the detailed sets, no less the actual filming and puppetry of it all -- what's not to read, write, discuss and perform about? Oh, and by the way, when can I expect more of The Tales of Belvuria,
as next year will soon be here, and I know my students will want more. Thanks, always."
Michelle Brouse-Peoples, Middle School Teacher
---"Recently I had the opportunity to view the Witch Key video that was produced by the Olde World Puppet Theater. It was both entertaining, and for the young viewers watching it with me, very engrossing. It should be noted that most of the viewers were not native speakers of English, but rather speakers of Chuukese, from the Federated States of Micronesia.

I think that the use of this video, and others in the series once they are completed, would be very useful and effective in the teaching of English as a second language. The visual impact of the video made the understanding of the dialog easy for the young viewers. In my experience as both an elementary school teacher in Micronesia and later as the Principal of Chuuk High School also in Micronesia, I found that the instructional materials available for ESL teaching tended to be rather dry and not very interesting to the students. I wish that something like
Witch Key had been available to me during my time in the islands.

Having witnessed the degree of attentiveness shown by the young viewers who watched the video with me, I feel that the
Witch Key video would certainly be useful in a classroom setting in promoting both a better understanding of the English language as well as an appreciation of the benefits of good behavior."
Stephen Richmond - Former Principal, Chuuk High School, FSM
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