The Enchanted Ring, A Princess's Adventure is the story of Princess Kathryn’s birthday and everything seems to be going just fine.
However, trouble soon arrives with Enchantra the Witch, riding Kirby, her vacuum cleaner, taking a present rather than giving one - the mechanical dragon, the Princess’s favorite, of course.
Can our Princess help her friend Sir Sampson the Knight, retrieve the missing toy to make our story right?
We shall see - it could mean a visit to the Witch’s cottage.

This original fairy tale, perfect for little girls, (and we hear tell, boys like it too) is about our mythical medieval kingdom of Belvuria, It features Pixie Pirates, mystical Faeries and a Unicorn all helping to bring this enchanting story to life for young readers. This book is set at third to fourth grade reading level.

With 86 pages with 31 elaborate half-page illustrations, this is a fairy tale book unlike any other.

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The interactive DVD Movie, Witch Key, A Prince's Adventure, is Rated "G"
by the MPAA and tells the tale of the naughty, bullying seven year old Prince Aaron.
Full of himself and secure in his knowledge that someday he'll be the King,
while his older sister will go through life as "only" the Princess,
he decides that he can do whatever he wants.
Now, with this attitude, little boys will often get into lots of trouble,
and so it is with our Prince Aaron.
How did he get himself locked into a cage by Enchantra the Witch?
I don’t think he likes the idea of being a snack for her Dragon either.
Can his babysitter, Sterling the Court Jester, find the key to the cage
and free him in time?
Witch key is it?
Be prepared to boo and hiss for our Jester as he fights to save his Prince.
This enchanting, interactive tale is fun for the whole family,
and is brought to life with amazing puppetry.

The story is one-half hour in length and is recommended for ages five and up.

Special Features Include:
The Making of Witch Key - Five behind-the-scenes segments
designed to illustrate the art of film making to a young audience.
Fly over Belvuria with Ping Pong, the Panda
Special web links to build your own puppets from the movie

Total length of the DVD is one hour

(Still not convinced? Click here to view
three short scenes from
Witch Key, the DVD)
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