So I see you have made it to my hidden key game.

Everyone likes to play games, especially hide and seek --
and so do I -- I hide the keys and you must seek them out.

Yes, Witch Key is not only the title of the movie, it is a play on words. Which Key versus Witch Key.

I tried to foil Sterling by hiding 11 keys throughout the movie. Can you find them all. Which Key is it?

Did you notice where I've hidden my other keys?

I've prepared two different downloads to help you find them all.

One gives hints, if you are clever enough to follow them, and you can print out the clue sheet and write your answers under "My Guess".

You may need to talk with your friends to help you solve my riddles, and find my 11 keys.

The other, with the help of Ping Pong, the Panda (I've put a spell on his purple crayon) will give you the answers, complete with pictures and descriptions of each key.

So, be careful about which button you click -- once you have seen the answers, there is no challenge left in the game.

So make your choice wisely.

Above all, have fun.

Greetings from Enchantra, the Witch
Click on the bat for clues
Click on the Spider for the Answers
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