Ping Pong the Panda here. We love classical music. So it is that all of the background music in Witch Key is of that variety, We hope that
for some children it will be an introduction to this rich world of music.
We used a source called, which features open-source downloadable classical selections some of which rival store-bought CDs.
The numbers listed below tell you which selections were used where, and the name
of the performing orchestra.
Hope you enjoyed our selection of music.
00:29- 02:18 Felix Mendelssohn - Symphony No. 4 in A Major 'Italian', Op. 90 - I. Allegro vivace
Ping Pong & Sterling Wagon & Enchantra's Garden
Skidmore College Orchestra

02:21-03:19 Georg Philipp Telemann - Sonata Aminor(2)Spirituoso
Opening Credit & Witch Flight
Telemann Trio

03:25-05:03 Ludwig van Beethoven - Wind Sextet in E Flat, Op. 7 No. 1 - IV. Rondo - Allegro
Castle Garden
Skidmore College Wind Ensemble

05:08-06:03 Modest Mussorgsky - Pictures at an Exhibition - III. Tuileries - Allegretto non troppo, capriccioso
Aaron & the Frog Prince
Skidmore College Orchestra

06:04-13:10 Felix Mendelssohn - Symphony No. 4 in A Major 'Italian', Op. 90 - IV. Saltarello
Enchantra's House Interior
Skidmore College Orchestra

13:11-17:35 Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky - Souvenir-de-Florence Movement 1
Sidney's Forest
US Army Band

17:36-22:26 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony 40 g-moll 1. Molto allegro
Queen of Hearts Palace
Columbia University Orchestra

23:04-26:54 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Symphony 40 g-moll 4. Allegro assai
Enchantra's House Interior
Columbia University Orchestra

ScoreFitter Music from Pinnacle Studio 12
The editing program we used to put the movie together comes with an amazing source of music as well.
It measures the length of the video selection, and then creates music that is as long as the selected video clip. They've included music from many different musical types, and hearing it you'd never guess that it was built to fit
. We used this source for the credits as well as the special features.

26:56-28:37 High Jinks [Playground Chase] Credits

28:40-30:11 Smithwicks Tavern [Auburn Glow]
Ping Pong's Flight School Balloon Chair

30:13-32:45 Streets Of Italia [Mediterranean Tryst] Ping Pong's Flight School - Enchantra's Broom

32:47-34:25 Smithwicks Tavern [Light The Atmosphere] Ping Pong's Flight School On Charlemagne

34:30-41:02 Appalachia [Prairie Sunset] Belvuria On-Line

41:16-45:45 Appalachia [Southern Traveler] The Making of Witch Key

45:48-49:59 Appalachia [Tennessee Rain] Over the River & Through the Woods

50:01-51:54 Appalachia [Hay Ride] Let's Go Play in the Garden

51:54-56:02 Streets Of Italia [Il Teatro] Into the Cottage We Go

56:06-57:54 Quarterly Report [Like A Work Of Art] Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

57:55-58:52 Kindergarten Playground [Leap Frog] Ping Pong's Good Bye

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