When the mischievous Prince Aaron is caught red-handed
ruining the Princess’s toys, he’s sent to his room!
But with the help of the Wizard’s magic box, Aaron gets his revenge- unleashing all manner of goblins and ghouls at his terrified sister!
But, wait a minute - how do you shut this thing off?
Can the royal children figure out how to end the spell before it ends them?
Prince Aaron and Princess Kathryn’s book of Mother Goose rhymes will never be the same with Mother Goose snatched from its very pages.
Just who kidnapped Mother Goose and why?
Into the Land of Rhyme they journey - these two are hot on the trail.
Pieces of gold begin to mysteriously disappear from
King Humphrey’s treasure room.
The King decides to take drastic measures and orders a tall mail-order Dragon. Was the king shorted on the deal or did he really check
small economy-size by mistake? Will the Baby Dragon get the job,
and will he be able to catch the mysterious thief?
When Sir Sampson, the oldest knight in the world, meets Chadsworth, one of the last Dragons left in the world, the trouble begins.
Both must retire unless they duel each other.
Armor flies and wings beat in one of the strangest battles ever seen,
as they work together to convince their bosses that neither should retire.
While playing with a feather from the Firebird, Princess Kathryn and Prince Aaron suddenly find themselves caught in the middle
of this dramatic Russian fairy tale.

Princess Kathryn and Prince Aaron find a Sphinx buried in the sand. Chester the Court Wizard dreams them back to ancient Egypt
to teach them a history lesson
. (Approved by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities for presentation to Egyptian school children.)
Little boys can often get into so much trouble, and so it is with our little Prince Aaron. How did he get himself locked into a cage by Enchantra the Witch? I don’t think he likes the idea of being a snack for her Dragon either. Can his babysitter, Sterling the Court Jester, find the key to the cage and free him in time? Witch key is it? Be prepared to boo and hiss for our Jester as he fights to save his Prince.

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It’s Princess Kathryn’s birthday and everything seems to be going just fine. However, trouble soon arrives with Enchantra the Witch, riding Kirby, her vacuum cleaner, taking a present rather than giving one - the stuffed dragon, the Princess’s favorite, of course.
Can our Princess and her friend Sir Sampson the Knight,
retrieve the missing toy to make our story right?
We shall see - it could mean a visit to the Witch’s cottage.

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Our heartwarming and critically acclaimed series of interlocking live shows were developed to feature the ancient art of marionettes. These exciting, original tales were performed for families, in elementary schools, our own live theaters, Children's Hospitals, Shopping Centers and birthday parties throughout the western United States. After performing them live for over twenty years, these tales are now destined for films, film downloads, books, and e-books.