The new Enchantra's Cottage
The new Sidney's Enchanted Forest
Indoor Theatre - Live Performance
One of the most remarkable things about creating this land was the dedicated artists, engineers, actors, musicians, writers and puppeteers, all coming together to create something unique to share.
Driven by the human spirit to craft something out of fantasy and art, each one reached into their soul
to bring forth a new film to touch the heart.
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Our touring shows of painted sets and small puppets have now grown to elegant splendor in our new puppet fantasy film, Witch Key. In the first clip, you see what the old traveling show looked like and how three generations of children reacted to it. In the next three clips, watch Witch Key explode into a new realistic fantasy land - you almost believe you are there. The last two clips are short making-of films describing the building of the new puppets and the making of the outdoor scenes from the movie.
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Making of Witch Key - The Sets
The new Queen of Hearts Palace
Making of Witch Key - The Puppets