Come soar through the skies with Ping Pong the Panda
as he takes you on a magical tour over the land of Belvuria.
He starts us off with a gentle moonlit flight gliding on one of Enchantra, the Witch's brooms. Then, hold on tight as he soars high above the mountains of Belvuria on the back of Charlemagne, the Dragon.

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The Enchanted land of Belvuria took
over three months to create and assemble. The village features many porcelain houses from the collection of Department 56. We used the Alpine and Dickens villages
to create our European style streets. Many small porcelain characters, carriages, coaches, and farm animals can be seen in the daytime shots from the film.
The snow-capped mountains were carved from styrofoam blocks, painted and topped with glistening snow. These mountains were used at different times and places to surround the village during different camera angles.
All the small flowers you see were hand made, as well as many of the gnarly trees in Sidney's forest and Enchantra's glen.
There were 14 different types of live moss used,
all of which had to be watered every other day.
The village landscape came out looking a bit like Edinburg Scotland's Royal Mile, with a large castle at one end and
a palace at the other.
The village was featured in both night and day shots throughout the movie. Different specially painted clouds were used and over 2,000 stars dotted the night sky.
Shooting took three weeks, and we were sad to disassemble it when shooting was over.
It's a clear lesson that you really, really have to get every shot you need before you strike the set.
Marty Watering the Moss
Samantha-Anne dressing the clouds
Steve filming with the Witch-cam
Marty filming the village